Heading North

When we lived in Las Vegas, we often found ourselves dreaming of cool, cloudy, rainy days. We took a lot of summer trips to the Pacific Northwest back then. Now, living back in Lincoln, we still have the instinct to head North when the temperatures start to rise. Last summer, we explored the upper peninsula of Michigan and Mackinac Island. We loved it so much that we’re heading back there in late August. But we decided one trip to somewhere we’ve been before wasn’t enough this summer so we needed to plan another one. We thought of just going to Minneapolis for a “big city restaurants and museums” kind of trip, but we’ve both been there before and it didn’t really excite us enough. Then I remembered an article I read about the scenic drive from Duluth to Thunder Bay, Ontario. That combined with a Minneapolis stopover seemed perfect. Here’s the route we came up with. We leave in a couple of hours!